LAST CALL & LATEST INFO – Democratic Party election for Assembly District party reps

It’s not too late to mail your ADEM14 ballot!

The California Democratic Party has issued yet another extension for receiving your ballot.  But don’t delay!  If you haven’t done it yet, mail yours today – and vote for our 10 endorsed candidates from AD 14 Progressives for Change!

Here’s the latest information from the CA Democratic Party, from an email dated January 25, 2021.  (Note that the “received by” date has been extended, but no mention of an extension of the “postmarked by” date.  So… best to mail your ballot immediately!)

Democrats,Great news – the 2021 ADEM deadlines have been extended!

Wednesday, February 3 – All ADEMs ballots RECEIVED by Wednesday, February 3 WILL BE COUNTED. This is a 1-week extension beyond the current “postmarked by January 27 and arrive by January 30” deadline.

Tuesday, February 9 – Final ADEM election results posted to CADEM website.

If you haven’t already, check out the ADEM candidates page. Many candidates took the time to write candidate statements to let you know what issues matter to them. Go to get to know the candidates running in your district.

We’ve sent over 169,000 ballots. That’s a LOT of stamps. Can we count on you to pitch in $3 to cover the cost of postage?

Thank you,

The CADEM Team