Progressive Democrats of Benicia Bylaws

Created May 15, 2017

I . N A M E

The name of this organization shall be the Progressive Democrats of Benicia.

II. Purpose

The Progressive Democrats of Benicia (hereinafter referred to as “Club”) shall focus its efforts within the City of Benicia and elsewhere in the State of California to elect progressive democrats for the California Democratic Party.  In doing so:

A. The Club believes progressive principles are grounded in liberal ideals, such as rule by the governed for mutual benefit, equality in law, legal rights and privileges, and equality of opportunity for all, and that these principles can lead to pragmatic solutions for the needs and concerns of all our communities.

B. The Club shall seek to elect qualified progressive Democrats to public office who promote tolerance towards all sectors of society and the cultivation of respect, equity, justice, and the positive recognition of differences.

C. The Club shall seek to ensure social and racial justice, equality, and equal rights for all members of our community, and equal rights, privileges, and opportunities in our society.

D. The Club shall work for environmental justice through environmental policies and regulation that ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all members of our communities.

E. The Club shall seek to bring members of the progressive community into the Democratic Party and to support the Democratic Party.

F. The Club shall seek to grow the Democratic Party through voter registration, voter education, campaigning for club endorsed/supported Democratic party candidates and other activities that strengthen the Democratic Party.


The Club will attempt to be officially chartered with the Solano County Democratic Central Committee (PDB) as soon as possible.

IV.  M E M B E R S H I P  R E Q U I R E M E N T S

Qualifications: Any individual qualifies for Club membership if:

1)  The individual is a registered Democrat, or is age 16 to 17 years old and commits to registering as a Democrat as soon as is legal to do so in the State of California.

V.  D U E S

A. The amount of annual dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board, reviewed at the last meeting of each calendar year and presented to the General Membership for approval.

B. Dues are due on January 1 and payable by January 31 of each calendar year. Dues shall be accepted throughout the year for membership in the remainder of the year but will not be prorated.

C. New Members shall be entitled to vote on all Club matters sixty (60) days after payment of dues. Existing members, upon payment of membership renewal dues, shall be eligible immediately to vote on all Club matters.

D. The club shall be under the control of its members.

V I .  M E E T I N G S

A. Regular Meetings

1)  The Club shall hold at least 3  regular quarterly meetings on such day as the membership may determine from time to time.

B. Special Meetings

1)  Special meetings may be called by the chair at any time, on notice as specified below.

2)  In the absence of the chair, any two officers may call a special meeting, on notice as specified below.

C. Notice of Meeting

1)  Notice of regular or special meetings shall be given at least one (1) week in advance to all active members, in any manner as follows:

a. Notice in writing by US mail
b. Notice in writing by e-mail
c. Telephone message

2)  Notice of the meeting shall be deemed sufficient by any manner specified above if such notice includes the date, time and place of the meeting and is calculated to be received at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.

V I I.  R U L E S F O R M E E T I N G S

A. The Club shall use the newly revised Roberts Rules of Order to govern parliamentary procedure at all official meetings of the organization, except as specifically noted in these bylaws.

B. A quorum  for  any  official  meeting  of  the  Club  shall  be  25  percent  of  the  total  organizational membership, or ten (10) members, whichever is smaller, as reported by the secretary within 24 hours of the start of the meeting.

C. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the Club may adopt events and conduct regular business with a vote of 50 percent plus one (1) of the members present at any meeting.

D. Changes to the bylaws not specifically referenced elsewhere must be noticed to the membership at least one (1) meeting before the vote in question, and must be approved by a vote of two-thirds of those present and voting.

V I I I.  O F F I C E R S

A. Club officers (Executive Board) shall consist of chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer. They shall be elected in January to serve a two-year term of office.

B. If the chair vacates office, the vice-chair shall ascend to the position of chair, until an election is held to fill the chair’s remaining term of office.

C. In the temporary absence of the chair, the vice-chair shall serve as chair. If the position of vice-chair is vacant, the secretary or treasurer shall serve as vice-chair.

D. The secretary shall be responsible to ensure that all members are notified of Club meetings, maintain an updated club roster, and maintain all written records of the Club.

E. The treasurer shall maintain all financial records of the club, be responsible for bank accounts, ensure FPPC/FEC financial reports are submitted on time, and will provide a monthly financial report at club meetings.

F. The chair shall officiate at all meetings of the Club.

G. The chair may appoint members temporarily to fill unexpired terms of office, subject to election by the membership at the next Club meeting 30 days after the office is vacated.

H. The Chair may appoint a Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian shall interpret the bylaws and issue Parliamentary rulings at the direction of the Chair, Executive Board or the membership.

I. The chair may appoint Club members to serve in other capacities as needed.

J. An elected  officer  can  be  removed  from  office  by  resolution  of  a  two-thirds  vote  of  the  Regular members at a General Meeting.

K. The Executive Board shall have the authority to act on time-sensitive items as described below:

1)  The Executive Board shall have the authority to disburse/spend up to $500 (per item requiring expenditure) on time-sensitive club business, where waiting until the next club meeting is unrealistic and a vote to spend such amounts has been taken by the Executive Board which resulted in unanimous agreement.

2)  The Executive Board shall have the authority to act on time-sensitive items which require action prior to the next club meeting provided a vote is taken by the Executive Board which results in unanimous agreement.

L. All proposed non-time-sensitive communications sent in the name of The Club shall require a vote by the club membership in attendance and must have resulted in a majority agreement in favor of the communication content prior to its sending.

M. Executive Board meetings should utilize the latest technology to encourage green initiatives and quick action. As such, meetings and votes can be conducted in person, conference call or via email provided the subject prefaced with “SDCSC E-Board Vote:” and that the club general e-mailbox is copied on the communications to ensure records are automatically captured.

IX.    A M E N D M E N T S

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at a general membership meeting after the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at a preceding meeting.  One (1) week’s notice must be provided in advance of each meeting.

X.     E N D O R S E M E N T S

A. In any election, the Club shall only endorse candidates who are registered with the Democratic Party.

B. The club shall have full authority under these bylaws to endorse in any partisan or nonpartisan election. Should the Progressive Democrats of Benicia’s bylaws limit the club’s ability to endorse candidates, the Club shall be entitled to make a recommendation to the PDoB as to which candidates to endorse. A recommendation vote shall be handled in the exact same manner as an endorsement vote.

C. For any position that the club is considering an endorsement, every registered Democrat running for that position shall be offered an opportunity to appear before the club to seek an endorsement.

D. A  questionnaire  shall  be  prepared  by  the  Executive  Board  and  voted  on  by  the  club.  This questionnaire shall be provided to each candidate.

E. A vote of 50% plus one (1) of those present and voting shall be required to receive an endorsement.

F. The club may make an early endorsement in any election. An early endorsement is an endorsement that occurs any time before the filing deadline for the position that is to be endorsed. To receive an early endorsement, a candidate must receive 55% of the vote of the membership present.

G. A process for endorsements shall be proposed by the Executive Board and voted on by the membership.

H.  If the club is limited to recommending candidates rather than endorsing candidates, then the club may make a recommendation and shall conduct the recommendation vote as though it were an endorsement vote.

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