PDB Chair Ralph Dennis: Meeting notice and much more!

Thanks for your calls to Sen. Dodd!
More calls to make!
Next Meeting Feb. 12

Members and Friends,

Ralph Dennis, PDB Chair

Thanks for all the calls to Sen. Dodd’s office last week on Senate Bill 386 – the bill failed to get out of committee and is dead for the Session. During the committee hearing, Sen. Dodd specifically mentioned “all the calls” he had received to vote no on the bill, which he said led him to have concerns about it. Remember, he went from a yes vote last year on this bill to a no this year – calls can make a difference!

We’ll be needing to call Sen. Dodd again soon on SB 54, the “plastics bill” that places a ban on single use plastics starting in 2030. The bill is probably coming to the Senate floor for a vote before the end of January, and Sen. Dodd supported it last year but rumors are he may be wavering. Industry lobbying against this bill is fierce. Watch for Call Alerts from us soon, and for Assembly Member Grayson, too.

Speaking of calls, Maggie Kolk was given call information by a member of the Marsh Creek Dems at the Women’s March in Walnut Creek last Saturday. We’re asking all of you to make calls to the Senate “jurors” (so-called Moderate Republicans) to urge them to vote for impeachment and removal. And, before that vote comes up, for them to support the calling of witnesses and all evidence.  Here is the information for calling.

Next Meeting. Our next general membership meeting is Feb. 12, Wednesday, 7:00 pm at the Benicia Library, Dona Benicia room. The featured discussion will be a “Presidential panel” of representatives from the campaigns of the Democratic Presidential candidates. Not a debate, but a discussion from them of their issues and campaigns and plans as President. We’ll allow lots of time for Q&A with the audience.  Afterwards, PDB members will have the opportunity to endorse one of the candidates in the CA March 3 Presidential Primary. Members will vote at the meeting or on-line via the PDB web site.

City Council, Tuesday night, Jan. 21! Don’t forget the City Council meeting this Tuesday night – discussion on moving elections from at-large to districts is scheduled and a vote by Council members is expected to be taken. [7pm at City Hall TONIGHT – Agenda and staff reports hereRead more on the Benicia Independent: Roger Straw’s thoughts and letters to Council by others.

Monica Brown REELECTION! Monica needs neighborhood walkers for Benicia to ask for votes for Monica in the District 2 Board of Supervisors race. Monica is the candidate in that 3-way race who PDB endorsed, so we encourage you to help Monica in her bid for REELECTION. If you’re interested in doing a bit of walking to talk to your Benicia neighbors about Monica, please contact Stephen Hallett at hallett87@gmail.com.

Ralph Dennis