PDB meeting – Tuesday, May 8, 7pm

PDB Meeting – Tuesday, May 8th, 7:00 pm

Senior Center, 187 East L Street, Benicia, CA

Proposed Candidate Endorsements

Speaker: Amy Hartman, Greenbelt Alliance

The May 8thth meeting focused on the Club’s proposed candidate endorsements in the 2018 Primary election on June 5, which were sent to membership and presented to PDB members for discussion and a vote.  [See results here.]

Here’s the Agenda.  For endorsement recommendations, see our Endorsement page.

The Progressive Democrats of Benicia is a local club of Benicians with members from Vallejo and Fairfield, which during the past several months has featured speakers who are 2018 candidates for public office. PDB’s mission includes the election and appointment of public officials who encourage and promote progressive views, and who work to secure, maintain, and protect these rights and opportunities for all in our communities. For more information on PDB please go to https://progressivedemocratsofbenicia.org/.