Meeting Notes – April 9, 2024

APRIL 9, 2024


Our April general membership meeting was held on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at 7pm, via Zoom.


Our panel included BAAQMD‘s Executive Officer/Air Pollution Control Officer, Dr. Philip Fine, formerly a presidential appointment to the EPA and the South Coast Air Management Quality District; BAAQMD Board of Directors member and Benicia Mayor Steve Young; and BAAQMD’s Community Advisory Council Co-Chair Ken Szutu, who also founded the  Citizen Air Monitoring Network in Vallejo before serving as its director.  Other staff members of the Air District joined us as well.

Mayor and Board Member Steve Young described the role of the  BAAQMD Board and its membership; he also gave examples of some of the broader policy issues the Board is involved with.

Executive Director Dr. Fine described his role as director and explained what the Air District does and how it is structured.

Ken Szuto described the role and activities of the Community Advisory Council.

All panel members answered questions from the Steering Committee and from the audience.

Meeting Recording Link

Here is a link to the video recording of the panel discussion from this important meeting.