URGENT! Phone calls needed on impeachment: who to call and how…

Activate Yourself! Fight for our democracy! Call these moderate Republican Senators and ask them to vote for impeachment AND removal.

Progressive Dems of Benicia at the 2020 Women’s March in Walnut Creek.

Secretary Maggie Kolk returned from the 2020 Women’s March in Walnut Creek, with important information she received from the Marsh Creek Democratic Club in Contra Costa County.

Let’s all join with the MCDC in contacting these “moderate” Republican Senators, urging them to vote to convict and remove Donald Trump in the impeachment trial.

Here is the information for calling.  We’re asking all of you to make calls to the Senate “jurors” (so-called Moderate Republicans) to urge them to vote for impeachment and removal.  And, before that vote comes up, for them to support the calling of witnesses and all evidence.


Hi my name is (….). I’m a constituent of Senator (….). (Zip code is included in case they ask. You are under no obligation to give them an address.)

I am asking Senator (….) to vote guilty in the impeachment trial and vote to remove the president from office.


EITHER: Senator (…) is up for re-election and I’m watching to see who he’s listening to. That will determine who I vote for.

OR:  Senator (…) is retiring and I’m wondering how he/she wants to be remembered. As a patriot who defended the constitution or someone who put party over country.

OR:  Senator will be up for re-election next time and depending on his/her actions will determine who I support with contributions.