Progressive Democrats of Benicia endorse Delaine Eastin for CA Democratic Party Chair

February 17, 2021 

Progressive Democrats Endorse Delaine Eastin for California Democratic Party Chair

The two candidates running this year for Chair of the California Democratic Party attended the February 9th monthly meeting of the Progressive Democrats of Benicia.  Members heard presentations by current Chair Rusty Hicks and challenger Delaine Eastin, followed by question and answers.

The Party Chair will be elected for a four-year term during the Party’s state convention.

Delaine Eastin, endorsed for CA Democratic Party Chair

Our endorsement vote was held virtually on the PDB website, with a resounding win for Delaine Eastin.

Delaine, known personally to a few of us and remembered by many Benicia Democrats for her impressive run for Governor in 2018, garnered 96% of our votes for Party Chair.

“PDB is excited to support Delaine Eastin” said Ralph Dennis, Chair of the Progressive Democrats.  “Eastin presents herself as a Champion for Education, a Defender of the Environment, and a Warrior for Civil Rights.  Those values speak to Progressive Democrats of Benicia.”

At our recent meeting (see 7 minute video below), Eastin called for new leadership in California’s Democratic Party, citing significant losses in the 2020 election and top-down decision making as problems she would tackle.

Eastin is a professor by education.  She was the first and only woman to date to be elected California State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  She was elected to that post twice and served from 1995 to 2003.  Earlier in her colorful career, Eastin represented parts of Alameda County and Santa Clara County in the California State Assembly between 1986 and 1994.  See more at

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Progressive Democrats of Benicia is a local political club chartered by the Solano County Democratic Central Committee, organized in 2017 to promote progressive issues and support progressive candidates for public office.  For more information visit the group’s web site at

Ralph Dennis, Chair