June 2021 Membership Meeting

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General Membership Meeting
June 8th pm as a
Zoom Meeting

Don’t forget, our next general membership meeting is Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 7:00-9:00pm. This meeting is open to the public.

Here is the Zoom link to join us:
Progressive Democrats of Benicia June 8th meeting link

Meeting ID: 839 8090 2650
Passcode: 419191      +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

For our next General meeting when we’ll talk about affordable housing in Benicia – what we have and need, the City’s efforts toward meeting its state-mandated Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), and where Benicia fits into regional cooperation and planning for effective and proven ways to provide affordable housing.

Other News - MAY 25, 2021  Thanks to ROGER STRAW


Benicia Black Lives Matter calls for transparency in Solano County Sheriff Department and action by the Solano County Board of Supervisors.

Nimat Shakoor-Grantham, co-founder of Benicia Black Lives Matter. Photo: Constance Beutel, Benicia

BBLM participated in a peaceful protest today outside the Solano County Sheriff Department in Fairfield CA.

BBLM co-founder Nimat Shakoor-Grantham honored the death of George Floyd and called on the Sheriff and the Solano County Board of Supervisors to address recent revelations about White supremacist extremism in the Solano County Sheriff Department.  [See video and background below.]

Comments from a participant:  “During the course of Nimat’s comments I think 100+ people strolled about, in and out of the buildings, up and down the sidewalks and across the streets. Comments were strong and persistent, invoking “Board of Supervisors” and “Sheriff’s Office” many times, and “not serving all their constituents” over and over.  Effective, I thought.  Also, I noticed people standing up on the roof of the County building across the street from where we were.  Also I saw a drone immediately in front of us up in the air about 100 feet away, sitting there most of the 45 or so minutes that speakers addressed the gathering.”

Thanks to Benicia videographer Dr. Constance Beutel for this short video.   [A longer 11 minute version can be viewed here.]

More News

Recall of two Benicia School Board members. During our April 13 meeting, one of the local issues we discussed was the potential recall of BUSD Chair Sheri Zada and Board Member Mark Maselli. The supporters of the recall effort are now gathering signatures – they have 120 days to gather over 4,000 signatures which must be qualified by the County Registrar’s office to have the recall election.


Why is the recall wrong?

  • It will cost the Benicia School Board over $300,000 to have the election
  • It’s misplaced – Sheri’s and Mark’s seats are both open for the 2022 election without spending any additional money
  • It’s unfair - the School Board voted 3-2 in October 2020, and again 5-0 in January 2021 to maintain distance learning for students, yet Sheri and Mark are being targeted for “keeping students out of school.” PDB endorsed Sheri and Mark in 2018 and we should support them now!

Go to http://NOBUSDRecall.com  and https://www.facebook.com/NO-BUSD-Recall-101546872022219 for more information and ways you can help stop this attack on two BUSD Board Members who are being unfairly targeted. NO BUSD RECALL plans to have signs and place tables in public places to counter the signature gathering that is expected to continue around town for the next several weeks.

See you June 8th! 

Ongoing Membership Drive! You’ve probably noticed that we are also in the midst of a membership drive. Steering Committee members have been busy calling past members and asking them to renew, and we’ve been actively seeking new members to join. We’re also exploring new ways to pay dues—through family memberships or sustaining and recurring memberships, for example. Nathalie will share some of these ideas on Tuesday night, as well as an update on our efforts to solicit donations to help support a candidate’s fund for the upcoming 2022 elections (two Council seats and two BUSD board seats will be open).

We need help! As PDB continues to grow, create change, and fight voter suppression, we are reaching out with opportunities to become even more involved in your Club’s activities. We’re asking for help from those who have some time—and maybe some specific skills—and the desire to join in with steering the Club in the directions we choose to go.

We have specific needs in the following areas:

1. Website and MailChimp. Our primary webmaster and MailChimp master, Roger Straw, has stepped back from his duties for the present. Some others have stepped up, temporarily, to fill the need. We need a person with website and mailing list experience to assume this role for the remainder of the year. Back-up assistance and training will be available.
2. Development Committee. Join our new fundraising and membership arm! Help us plan events, recruit and support new members, and more. While fundraising experience is a plus, all are welcome and training is available.
3. Steering Committee. We have openings for 2 to 3 motivated individuals to join in monthly planning meetings to select and develop programs, agendas, and related activities. Relevant qualifications and experience are less important than your commitment to putting your time, energy, and bold new ideas to work in this friendly group.
4. Women’s and Youth Caucus. Help plan events and work to attract diversity to our membership, learn how to organize at the grassroots level, and more.