Kathy’s Letter Writing Parties

Vote Forward!  Swing Left!  Let’s make a difference in the 2020 Election!

Kathy Kerridge, Progressive Democrats of Benicia

As you all know I’m an active Democrat.  I also like to socialize so what better thing to do than a letter writing party.  I’m inviting friends and family from all over the country to these parties and scheduled them so it would be possible for those in the east to attend.   So please join me for a virtual letter writing party every Monday at 5:30 pm Pacific Time (8:30 eastern time).  We’ll be partially handwriting and addressing letters to potential voters to encourage them to vote in critical elections. This proven tactic will help us win crucial races all over the country! Here’s what you need to do in 6 steps:

  1. Make an account at votefwd.org (if you already have an account you can use that one).  IMPORTANT: This must be done three days before the party.  Vote Forward approves letter writers before creating assignments.  If you have gmail look for a response in your promotions folder.
  2. Register* for the parties at click here.  Look  for an email confirmation from mobilize.
  3. Within a few days of making the votefwd account you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download the letters and addresses. You can pick what state you’ll be writing to at votefwd. I’ll show you how to write the letters at our virtual party. Plan to print at least 20 letters (this is a party after all!).
  4. Be sure to have envelopes for your letters. We’ll address them together. You can get stamps later.
  5. Look for an email from me about how to join the party with Zoom.
  6. Get ready to party, in other words, have a drink ready.

If we get voters to the polls in one of our targeted Super States, we will impact key State and Federal races. That’s what Swing Left’s Super State Strategy is all about: maximizing the impact of your time and money.

Looking forward to seeing you! If you can’t come this week, I will be having a party every Monday.  Please reach out directly to me if you have any questions or technical problems.   Also please feel free to forward and invite your friends.  The more the merrier.


Equity & Justice for All