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DNC execs reverse course on banning donations from fossil fuel companies

From an email, Action
[Progressive Dems and independents need to hear about this – and sign the petition!  We sure hope Senators Harris and Feinstein, and Rep. Mike Thompson will join us in saying no to oil and gas campaign contributions.]

From: Brant Olson, Action
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 5:29 PM
Subject: DNC execs just undid its fossil fuel money ban

Dear [name],

The DNC just reversed course on banning donations from fossil fuel companies, turning its back on those living with the impacts of climate change and fossil fuel extraction every day — as well as the more than 950 candidates nationwide that our community recruited to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.

DNC executives are keeping quiet about the Friday night vote — they know taking polluter money isn’t a good look for the Party — but resistance from DNC membership is growing and the press is beginning to take notice.

By ringing the alarm now, we can hold the DNC accountable to its values, and force a new vote during the DNC’s Summer Meeting in Chicago in two weeks.

Sign the petition to demand that the DNC reject contributions from fossil fuel companies!

The DNC’s Executive Committee voted on a resolution sponsored by Chairman Tom Perez. The resolution is framed in terms of supporting workers, but welcomes “the longstanding and generous contributions of… [energy industry] political action committees” and declares support for an “all of the above” energy policy.

Supporting workers as we transition to clean energy is absolutely essential — but taking money from fossil fuel industry PACs is the wrong way to do it. The ban on fossil fuel company money adopted by the DNC just two months ago didn’t limit unions and employees from donating to the Party — so the only effect of Friday’s resolution was to re-open DNC coffers to fossil fuel company PACs.

Elizabeth Warren and others are already standing up to oppose the DNC’s vote — a testament to the months of work by thousands in our community to push this issue to the top of the national conversation.

Sign the petition to DNC Chairman Tom Perez to demand that the DNC keep fossil fuel money out!

Together, we’ve built the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge from a good idea into a juggernaut that’s changing the 2018 elections for the better. Let’s be sure the DNC leads, follows, or gets out of our way.


Brant, Amanda, Matt and the rest of the team.


“Democratic National Committee Proposes Reversing Its Ban On Fossil Fuel Donations,” Huffington Post, 8-10-2018

“Resolution Reaffirming the DNC’s Unwavering Commitment to Workers and Unions in Industries that Power the American Economy, and Expressing the Democratic Party’s Appreciation of their Profound Contributions to Our Party, Our Nation’s Economy, and Our Way of Life,” Tom Perez, 8-10-2018

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The election is just 100 days away—let’s get to work!

From an email by
[See also: Swing Left / CA 10 / Josh Harder on this website.]

Date: Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 10:44 PM
Subject: Fwd: The election is just 100 days away—let’s get to work!

Hey Progressive Democrats of Benicia,

This weekend marks 100 days until the midterm elections. What we’ve accomplished so far has been incredible—and the Big Blue Wave is gaining momentum every day—but to win this fight, we need to keep working hard.

So, if you’ve already signed up for an event in the coming weeks, thank you. If you haven’t: what are you waiting for? This weekend is jam-packed with opportunities to help campaigns in more than 50 swing districts around the country!

Sign up for the event nearest you (click the image – or here – to go to SwingLeft – scroll down to Events and enter your zip code to see nearby events).

Talking to voters is what wins elections. Whether it’s knocking on doors and meeting face-to-face, or joining a group phone bank, every hour you put into connecting with potential voters makes a huge difference. And that’s how we’re gonna flip the House this November.

When we work together, we win!

Ethan, Matt, Michelle, and the Swing Left Team

Swing Left: Can we save our country?

In an email from Swing Left Contra Costa

What would it take?

Can we save our country?

OK. The news has been pretty bad. But giving up is not the answer.

The midterms are in four months.

With so much in the balance, it would be hard to overstate the importance of this election.

We have some things going for us.

We are closer than ever to our goal of flipping the House. We beat the odds and got a Democrat on the ballot in every California congressional race despite the hazardous top two primary. Volunteers have been working in CA-10 for over a year and are well prepared to spring into action to help candidate Josh Harder unseat incumbent Republican Jeff Denham.  And every day more people are waking up to the extremism of the Trump administration and want to get involved.

What’s next?

CA-10 field operations in Tracy resume July 14th!

  1. Sign up!Voter registration and face to face conversations boost voter turnout.  Swing Left Contra Costa is hosting these upcoming events in Tracy:

Jul 21st:     Door to Door              High Traffic Voter Registration

Aug 18th:  Door to Door             High Traffic Voter Registration

  1. Donate or raise funds for Josh Harder!The campaign needs money. DONATE NOW.To help host a fundraiser or house party, use the CALL TO ACTION LINK or email us at

3. Grow the movement! Taking action with others is not only an excellent antidote to despair, but it can also be a lot of fun!  So as you connect with friends, neighbors, and loved ones over the July 4th holiday, please ask them to join you in this fight of a lifetime to save our democracy.  Attending this SWING LEFT TRAINING EVENT (July 21st in Pleasant Hill) might be a way to get started.

Swing Left Contra Costa